Challenges in Composition
January 20th

4 hours starting:
9:30 am PST
10:30 am MST
11:30 am CST

12:30 pm EST

 Preparations and Instructions

This class is offering a fabulous opportunity for both group and individual instruction. Please read the following carefully and do what is being asked prior to the class.  Feel free to contact me if you have any questions. 401-862-8104 or If you sometimes “can’t find” emails you have read, please print this out now so you have it for future reference. 
There are two components to this class. 

Component 1

Lian will lecture on the elements of composition. He has provided 28 images for you to view so you can see what he is talking about. You will print them out so you can see them easily and have them for future reference. If you happen to have a computer and an ipad, or two computers, you can have the images set up on one device and be on zoom on the other. Please do not try to use a cell phone either for logging into zoom or to view the images. Most of us will only have one device, the one we are using for zoom and print out the images. We are just offering up the other option if you happen to be able to do that. 

Component 2

Each student can provide images of two paintings you have completed or that are in progress. (If you don’t have any paintings, there is another opportunity at the end of this section). Select a painting that you believe has the best composition you have done and one that is the worst. Email me images of the paintings as well as the reference photos you used to paint them. This would be a total of 4 images. EMAIL THEM TO ME NO LATER THAN TUESDAY, JANUARY 18TH. I will send them all to Lian, who will print them out and review the details of the composition with the class. If you don’t get your images to me in time, there is no problem. Or if you don’t have any images to send. Either way, there will be so much to learn from this exercise. 

If you don’t have a painting either completed or in progress, but have a reference photo of something you would like to paint, send that to me. 

Here is something fun- you may send an image of any 2d medium- watercolor, acrylic, oil, etc. for Lian to review. The elements of composition are the same across the various mediums. 

Flow of the class

Lian will start by going over half of the submitted images, then have a general discussion of composition, then go over the other half. 
Lian’s reference photos
Images of his completed paintings are provided two to a page. You may print these out in black and white, they don’t need to be in color. There are 5 of these pages. 
Instructional images and drawings may also be printed out in black and white, there are 8 of these.