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Memoir Groups

"During the recent COVID pandemic, Lois Erhartic brought a group of people together who were interested in putting some of their memories in writing. It has been an amazing experience. I have remembered things that have been tucked away and would have been lost to future generations had I not written about them. I feel that this has helped me more than I could have ever imagined and would encourage everyone to do so. I have made new friends and eagerly look forward to our weekly meetings."

Ann Marie, Massachusetts

"I am a recent member to Lois' Memoir Writing Group and am so impressed with her work. I am also a group organizer for many organizations, with much training in group work, and Lois is doing everything right! She explained the purpose, format, and procedures of the group very clearly, so I could understand exactly what was expected of members, and so that I would understand whether the group was right for me before I even joined. She has a lovely personality, is extremely welcoming, and creates a culture where all group members treat each other with acceptance and kindness. All people had time and space to share, and the meeting was run very well.


I will continue with this group not just because I have a great interest in the content, but because it is a safe, nurturing space where everyone feels like they can contribute and belong. Thankful to have found my tribe!"

Julie, New York

"I value being a member of the Memoir Writing Group.  It is more meaningful to me than a book group or any of the many groups I have joined on-line during Covid because we share parts of ourselves with the group.  


Sharing stories of our lives makes me feel closer to the participants and also more connected to myself.  It’s therapeutic to write about the past, putting life experiences and life lessons into perspective.   It gives meaning to my memories, my experiences and my present life in being able to share them.  


Lois offers a warm, accepting space and models collaboration by being a part of the group herself.  She is patient and welcoming, helpful and inclusive. Furthermore, she is good at structuring the group.   Each person feels they have a voice and something to offer.


 I think memoir groups should proliferate so that community is built on a grass roots level and people are able to connect and feel heard.   I find that memoir writing pulls people out of their isolation and opens avenues of communication.  I am so grateful to find Lois and this memoir writing group sponsored by Age Friendly Rhode Island."

Debby, Rhode Island

"I have known Lois Erhartic for over 22 years. We met as colleagues in a direct selling company.  I have found her to be an exciting, insightful, brilliant, kind, and caring woman. When she told me that she wanted to start a Memoir Sharing writing group, I jumped at the chance!!  Lois has been an amazing Leader to our group. She chooses the topics with great care, then prepares a worksheet to guide us through writing our piece. What has resulted from week 1 is a group of 10+ women who have become friends. It's a safe place to express our memories. From my prospective, I've become a better writer because I've learned from everyone's writing. All of us look forward to our Zoom call every Tuesday evening! Thank you, Lois for being such an inspiring Leader! I hope this group continues for a very long time."

Marlene, California

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