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Japanese Calligraphy

calligraphy demonstration

In 2004, I saw a demonstration of Japanese Calligraphy with Boston Artist Kaji Aso that rocked my world. Upon learning that the he taught at his studio in Boston, I began calligraphy classes with him and continued until his passing in 2006. After many hours of practice, I taught the basics at adult education programs and in my home studio. I was honored to have my work featured in the Newport Art Museum's 2010 exhibit celebrating the influence of Japanese art in New England. In recent years, I have shifted my artistic focus to watercolors but hope to resume my calligraphy practice in the future. 



Japanese Calligraphy is a meditative practice, and an embodiment of Buddhist principles. My practice had a profound influence in my life and my painting.  These paintings are examples of the work I completed when I was fully engaged in the art. 



The way of art is the way of buddha.jpg.


The Way of Art is the Way of Buddha

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