Painting with Lian Zhen

I am thrilled to be partnering with Lian Zhen as his online workshop coordinator !

A friend introduced me to the work of  Lian Quan Zhen over 10 years ago. From the moment I attended his first workshop, I recognized that he was both an extraordinary artist and exceptional teacher.  His Buddhist beliefs are at the core of his art and life. His approach resonates with me as it aligns with my own practices and belief system. 


Lian's work is both detailed and loose, often using both styles in a single painting.  That style reflects how I operate in the world - a crazy mix of detail orientation and a carefree, loose spirit.  I have hosted Lian's live workshops and served as his teaching assistant, continuing to learn his techniques while finding my own artistic voice.


I encourage watercolor artists of all levels to study with Lian and am pleased to organize and promote his new online  workshops with LIVE INSTRUCTION and critique!

Live Online Workshops with Lian Zhen

Lian's workshops are fun, easy to follow and always inspirational!

Bring your painting to a new level when you attend.
Wonderful for both beginners and experienced painters.  


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