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My journey as an artist began in 2004. I started with the study of Japanese calligraphy and then shifted my attention to watercolors with a focus on painting watercolor portraits.

Professional and Community Work

I had an invigorating entrepreneurial career in network marketing that emphasized sales training, business coaching and motivational speaking. While building a multi-million dollar sales team, I discovered that what really makes my heart sing is helping others grow and develop personally and professionally.  It was a blessing throughout my career to work from home, allowing me to find a satisfying balance between work and family life.

I have held board, executive, consulting and teaching positions at various non-profit organizations throughout New England.  I co-authored multiple grants to secure funding when needed.


When my mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer's in 2008, I retired to care for her and my father in their end of life journeys.  I spent many hours each week at their continuous care facility. As some of the things my mom liked to do were not included in their activities program, I created and taught several classes to provide additional fun and stimulation for her and her neighbors.

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