Lian Zhen Online Workshops
2021 Student Appreciation Programs

Skill Builders Program

When you attend multiple online workshops, you get to refine and build your skills while having fun all in the comfort of your own home. 
Attend 6 or more online workshops in 2021 and receive two gifts from us at the end of the year - a special critique session and a personalized original painting. 

Details about the critique session

1.    Email Lian a photo of a painting you have completed. It may be from one of the workshops, or one you have done on your own. If your painting is already framed, Lian suggests you remove it from the frame to eliminate glare from the glass. 
2.    During the scheduled group online critique session, Lian will have your painting in front of him to discuss it in depth and may also demonstrate suggested improvements.
3.    The group critique session will be about 4 hours. It is not necessary for you to remain online for the entire critique session, but you are welcome to do so. If needed, an additional session will be scheduled to make sure there is ample time to critique all the work that is submitted. 
4.    The date for the critique session will be provided later this year. 

Details about your personalized painting

1.    You will get to choose a subject for your painting from a list of subjects that will be provided later in the year. The subjects will be similar to those Lian paints in books at live workshops. 
2.    The painting size will be about half of a ¼ sheet of watercolor paper. 

Community Builders Program 

As our online community grows, we have the chance to paint together, share our finished paintings in the online workshop student gallery, and learn from each other. 
Refer two friends to attend any of our online workshops and receive 20% ($40) off the next workshop you attend.

1.    Encourage two friends who have not taken a 2021 online workshop with Lian already, to register for one. 
2.    Both friends need not register for the same workshop. 
3.    Have them provide your name when asked on the registration form.
4.    Lois will send you an email when a friend registers and lists you as a referral. 
5.    Referral gifts will be sent to you as a refund once your friends have attended the workshops they signed up for and you have attended the next workshop you signed up for.
6.    There is no limit to how many referral gifts you can receive. You will get the refund for every two students you refer once the above criteria has been met.

General details – Both programs

1.    Lois will keep track of student registration and referrals and notify you of your eligibility for the gifts. 
2.    The programs are for the 2021 calendar year and may or may not be extended or modified in 2022.
3.    The programs are only for participation in the online workshops offered through Lois and Lian. Attendance at and referrals to live workshops are not eligible. Online workshops offered through other organizations are not eligible. 

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