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Workshop FAQ's

How do I register for a workshop or class? 
All registrations are done online. Click here to register for a workshop.  Click here to register for an intensive one day class. 

What  are the workshop and class schedules?

Workshops are two days, with a day in between. Most are held Thursdays and Saturdays.  Workshops start at 9:00PM EST and end at 4:00 PM EST with a 1/2 hour break daily. Classes are held on Thursdays and start at 12:30 pm EST. 

Why aren’t the workshops held on consecutive days?

Many students find they appreciate additional time to paint even though Lian schedules time for students to paint after each demo.  A day in between workshop days gives you time to digest what you have learned, work on your painting, or even start a new one if you want to try again. 

What technology do I need to participate in a workshop or class?

You will need Zoom on a  computer or Ipad with a microphone and camera. Help is available for students new to Zoom.

What is the class size?

Workshops and classes have around 20 students or so.

How do I get ready for the workshop or class?

Download Zoom. Gather the materials for the workshop.  Prepare your drawing according to Lian's instructions if indicated so you are ready to paint when the workshop begins. 

What materials do I need?
Click here for the materials list. 
Why shouldn’t I use any watercolor paper I typically use?
Lian emphatically recommends ONLY using either Arches or Kilimanjaro 140# cold press as other papers will not allow you to remove masking properly or yield the desired results for his techniques. 

How many demos does Lian do each day during a workshop? 
Lian does 3-4 demos each day. 

Can I ask Lian questions during the workshop or class?
Yes! Just please hold your questions till after a demo is finished, when there will be plenty of time to ask questions. 
Will Lian review my painting while I am working on it?
Sure, you can ask him to look at what you are doing, hold it up to your camera, and he can critique it for you. 
Is there critique for everyone?
Lian asks everyone to show the group their paintings at the end of each day.
Will I be able to get a recording of the workshop or class? 
Yes! Lian will record his demo and play it back while you are painting. We will also make a recording daily and email it to you so you may download it and add it to your art reference library. 
What is the cancellation policy?
Click here to read our cancellation policy.

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