Memoir Sharing Groups
My response to Covid-19

When Covid-19 hit, my once full calendar went blank. The activities I did that were fun, social, and stimulating came to a screeching halt. Looking at how this devastation was hitting everyone, I wondered how I could do something, while staying at home, that would make an immediate difference in the lives of others. I longed for creative, social and intellectual stimulation. The voice of my inner teacher gave me an idea that would meet all those needs. 













I had been introduced to memoir writing when my mother participated in a memoir class prior to her illness. When she moved here, we organized one at her continuous care facility. Sharing life stories seemed like a perfect way to navigate life in the pandemic. Using Facebook as a platform, I advertised my interest in starting and leading a memoir sharing group. 



The group has evolved into an intimate space for folks to share their stories. Our writing helps us reflect on our lives and remind us of long forgotten people, events and feelings. As the leader, I provide the weekly topics, thought triggers to stimulate the writing process and lead the weekly zoom meetings. We meet weekly via Zoom, and members either tell their stories or read what they wrote.

The experience has been so positive, that I am excited to explore new arenas to teach and share the joy of memoir writing. 

Discover the joys of memoir sharing with your group or organization! Contact me about leading a group for you.

© 2020 by Lois Erhartic
Portsmouth, Rhode Island

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