Student Testimonials 

"Lian's workshops changed the way I paint--he is really inspirational. His pedagogy is also extremely well designed, not completing an entire painting and then letting students try to remember what to do, but building step by step, with innovative use of video.  Highly recommended!"

Mike M.  

"I've taken six workshops with Lian since I was first introduced to his style of painting five years ago.

At the end of that first class, I quickly began searching his website to find when and where in my area his next workshop would be...  I was 'hooked'. 

I was soon telling all of my watercolor friends about him and encouraging them to sign up for class when he was in the New England area.  My enthusiasm evidently rubbed off on them as most of them not only signed up but have taken multiple classes since.


Watching Lian paint is an experience in itself.  It's like watching a magician who makes something appear out of nothing right before your eyes.  He sees what isn't there and turns it into something so beautiful and extraordinary.   

If you want to expand your watercolor knowledge and try something new and exciting, this is the class for you."

LuAnn K. 

"Lian Quan Zhen's technique is much different than anything I have seen in the past.  I have taken many classes with him over the past few years and it's so intriguing to see him drop a color or two onto the paper and blow on it to see where the paint leads him in his next steps.  Using only the 3 primary colors and allowing them to intermingle naturally once on the paper while maintaining such beautiful vivid clear colors and painting in the negative spaces to create subtle images in the background while keeping your focal point alive. This is a must see to believe." 

Kristi K. 

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