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Memoir Writing Groups

About Memoir Writing

Memoir writing helps us reflect on our lives and remind us of events, people and feelings  and the impact they had on us. 

While an autobiography usually covers the writer’s entire life, a memoir paints a picture of the writer’s life through a collection of stories that may or may not be chronological. 
The memoir may focus more on a person from our life versus our own story. 
Memoirs typically place a greater emphasis on the emotional or interior experience versus a recounting of facts and history. 

Benefits to Group Members

  • Socialization and new friends

  • Creative and intellectual stimulation

  • Record stories for self and family

  • Opportunity for reflection and new perspectives

  • Experiencing  human connection from common themes

  • Appreciation of diversity

  • Learn new things from the experiences of others

  • Sheer pleasure from remembering life stories

Memoir Group Culture

  • Safety

  • Intimacy

  • Honesty and authenticity

  • Support

  • Validating

  • Non-judgemental

Wondering how to start a memoir group?
 Contact me for more information! 

Curious about how the groups got started? Read the history here.

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